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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy in regards to covid 19?
Throughout the covid 19 pandemic we have been mindful and cautious in every aspect of our operation and services offered, and we continue to err on the side of caution. We follow all general guidelines, protocols, and recommendations that may apply.

Where will you pick us up?
We pick up at most downtown Boise hotels and hotels close to the wine country.  We also accommodate private locations such as residences or vacation homes, or otherwise agreed-upon locations such as the Boise airport.
Pickup location will be agreed upon as part of our service agreement, and communication will follow for confirmations, reminders, and other useful information.
What happens if it rains?
As stipulated on our service agreement, weather events are obviously outside of our control. With a reasonable advance notice, we can certainly reconvene the tour to a later date if you so wish.
The rain is most welcomed in our region because it is an essential part of viticulture. That said we certainly understand if rain likely may bring a tad of disappointment on the day of your tour; we advise you not to worry too much about it, and we encourage you to proceed anyway: our cars come equipped with a secure and comfortable top keeping you dry and cozy inside, and a large part of the experience takes place inside caves and tasting rooms at the scheduled stops and wineries.
Are there other weather considerations to be aware of?
Yes. In the summer, temperatures can soar quite high on certain gorgeous sunny days, and we take all necessary precautions to make sure your experience on tour is pleasant and safe throughout the day. A large part of the experience takes place inside caves and tasting rooms at the scheduled stops and wineries.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please see our Rates page for details.

How many people can come on tour in the Packard?
We typically accommodate parties up to 6 persons per car. Occasionally, we accommodate a 7th person, and of course your chauffeur and tour guide for the day! We are fully bonded and insured as a transportation charter company.
Is the tour price per person or per car charter ?
The tour price is per car charter, which accommodates a maximum of 7 passengers. Please see our Rates page for details.
Is this a private tour or will others be joining us?
This is an exclusive private tour. Only you and those in your party will be on the tour.
Can I bring food or drink on the tour?
Given the delicate nature of our classic cars we don't allow for food or drinks to be enjoyed in the vehicle, other than bottled water and our complimentary sparkling cider. There are many opportunities to get out of the car during the tour, including to explore, take pictures, enjoy a snack, and other needs. We suggest various lunch options as part of your tour, and wineries typically offer eats and munchies to accompany the tasting experience, or even food and wine pairing experiences upon demand. Please let us know your preferences and if a medical condition requires special consideration.
Is the tour for all ages?

Unfortunately, our cars do not accommodate car seats for infants or young children. Rarely children are brought along on tour hence for obvious age reasons they are not admitted inside the wineries; a guardian adult must remain with the child in or near the car and the driver at all times. The same restriction applies to minors up to age 21.

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