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Our rates

Classic Convertible Wine Tours is your premier and unique tour company in the Napa Valley and beyond! Please use our Contact form should you have any questions and to request the experience of your choice:

5-hour minimum (recommended for wine tours):
Sunday through Friday, 2 persons: $154/hr
Sunday through Friday, 4-6 persons: $169.30/hr
Saturday, 2-6 persons: $169.30/hr

3-hour special:


1-hour special:


Available after 5:30pm

Additional $60 late night fee for drop off after 11pm.


* Additional charges apply to all runs: 20% driver gratuity, 10% service fee
* Fuel charge applies to all runs: $50
* Late night fee for drop off after 11pm: $60

* Tour starts at scheduled pickup time and ends at final drop off point

* Overtime billing applies in 15-minute increment
* Travel charge may apply for pick up locations outside Napa/Sonoma area
* Our gourmet picnic option is offered by our preferred local catering partner
* Clients are responsible for all tasting fees collected at wineries (most wineries graciously apply discounts or wave tasting fees altogether upon wine purchase).

Cancellation Policy: a booking fee is collected for every reservation upon contract agreement; in the event of a cancellation the booking fee is held for future services.

​Other stipulations pertaining to liability or damage are outlined in our contract.


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